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Fri, Jan. 6th, 2006, 02:42 pm
Late afternoon, January 17, Rowan Hall, Female wing - Back to school

After giving her mother a hug, Ciara makes her way into Rowan Hall, pauses to say hello to Aeryn, and then heads upstairs to her room. **Wonder if my new roomie's already moved in or not?**

Shifting her blue nylon duffel bag higher on her shoulder, she raps gently on the door. "Hello?"

((Obviously, this scene is open to heatherreinhart, but if any of the other ladies [or gentlemen] in Rowan would have a plausible reason to happen by, feel free to join in.))

Thu, Jan. 5th, 2006, 12:49 pm
OOC: Common knowledge about Sarah/Ciara

Sarah O'Shea is a sophomore beginning her fourth semester at Fairgrove. She's a Criminal Justice major, with a concentration in Law Enforcement, and makes no secret of her ambition to become a police officer after graduation (perhaps being the daughter of a detective on the Philadelphia police force has something to do with that ;~). A proficient fencer and a card-carrying member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (under the nom de guerre "Aoife O'Donal"), she grew up in West Philadelphia, but came to Fairgrove a year and a half ago to go to college. She lives in Rowan Hall, with the rest of the bohemians.

She generally hangs around with Ken Ohtori, Sam Takahashi-Asakura, Michiko Sakuradai, and Olivia Kouris.

Dame Ciara ni Scathach is known at court as a knight-errant, with no allegiances as yet. She seems to be striving toward becoming the "perfect gentle knight" - brave, courteous, and always willing to lend a hand to those that need it. She looks up to Lady Valeria a great deal, and seems to have adopted the elder Scathach's behavior as a model for her own. Her father is Sir Aidan ap Scathach, a knight in service to the duchy of Liberty's Heart (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania). She had a crush on Sir Kellin during her freshman year; he broke it off gently, and they remain friends.

Mortal: Sarah is nearly 5'7", with wavy auburn hair that falls to the middle of her back, a medium complexion, and clear green eyes. Her features are perhaps too strong for conventional prettiness, but pleasing nonetheless. She prefers to wear casual fashions in deep, rich colors - midnight blue, deep emerald green, wine-red, and black are frequently-appearing colors in her wardrobe.

Fae: In faerie mien, Ciara's hair becomes a mantle of russet waves, and her almond-shaped eyes turn a startling emerald green. Her features take on a more elegant cast, and her ears taper to delicate points. Her preferred voile consists of a linen shirt with full sleeves, worn under a quilted jerkin of midnight blue leather, stitched over the heart with a black unicorn and cinched at the waist with the knight's traditional belt. Beneath that are black tights and knee-high boots, also black. A fine rapier is sheathed at her hip; the sword glitters with a million tiny points of light when the light strikes it just right.

Thu, Dec. 8th, 2005, 09:14 am
O'Shea residence, Philadelphia, during Winter Break

Ciara sprawls on her bed, going over the sheet of paper with her schedule for the spring semester on it.

Law Enforcement
Major British Writers
Using the Computer as a Research Tool
Introductory Psychology

She notes the building and room numbers of each class on the sheet, and then slips it back into a loose-leaf binder with the Fairgrove University crest on it. **All set, except for the books. I swear, they get more expensive every semester.**